Sell Your
Oklahoma City Home

For many people, owning an Oklahoma City home is a dream come true.

For others, it’s a bit of a burden.

If you have a house that you need to sell as quickly as possible, whether you’re interested in
generating cash or simply getting rid of a property that’s no longer worth holding, you’re in the right place.

At Light Street, we specialize in making fast, cash offers for houses of all shapes and sizes,
no matter what condition they’re currently in.

How exactly are we able to do this?

Sell Your Oklahoma City Home in Just a Few Days!

If you choose to work with Light Street, you can ultimately sell your Oklahoma City home in a matter of days.

The process is fast and straightforward. Our offers are attractive and competitive. And you can ask our former clients to verify that our processes are intentionally streamlined.

The buying process goes something like this: You’ll tell us a little bit about your home, then we’ll send you a cash offer. If you choose to accept it, we can move forward with the deal, and close the transaction in less than a week.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Sell Your Oklahoma City Home

Why Sell Your Oklahoma City Home for Cash?

Why would you choose to sell your Oklahoma City home for cash?

That’s entirely up to you. We do see some common motivations from Oklahoma City homeowners, including:

Inherited Properties

If you're already an experienced real estate investor, you may be thrilled to inherit a property, so you can rent it out and make a profit. But if you don't like the idea of being a landlord, or if you aren't sure what to do with the property, you may simply want to sell it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Divorce Streamlining

After a divorce, you and your spouse will need to split your assets, including your home. But managing a shared home can be difficult, especially under these stressful circumstances. Selling the home for cash and dividing the proceeds may be the best solution.

Damaged Houses

Earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters may leave your house damaged – or the house could have suffered damage from negligent residents. In any case, if you don't feel like making repairs, or if you simply don't have the time or resources necessary to make them, selling the house in cash may be the best alternative.

Hoarder Houses

Hoarding is a serious mental disorder that can sometimes leave houses in a total state of disrepair. Unless you plan on thoroughly cleaning and restoring the house, it may be best to sell the house for cash.

Capital Demands

Are you trying to put a child through college? Do you need to pay off a significant debt? Do you just need some extra cash? Selling your home may be one of the fastest ways for you to raise this capital.

How the Process Works

How exactly does the process work?

With Light Street, we can buy your Oklahoma City home in just three simple steps:

Your Application

At the outset, we'll ask you a few simple questions about your property. We need to know where it is, what condition it's in, and how it's currently owned. Photos and videos are helpful, but not strictly necessary. You can probably complete the application in a matter of minutes.

Your Offer

After we receive your application, we'll give you an offer as quickly as possible, typically within 24 hours.


With the offer in hand, you can consider your options and choose whether or not you want to accept it.

Your Proceeds

If you decide you want to accept our offer, we can process the transaction quickly.


We’ll set a closing date for your Oklahoma City home, give you the cash, and take the property.


Hear From Our Happy Customers

Why Choose Light Street?

There are many different options for selling your house.

So why should you choose selling to Light Street?

We’re here to make your home selling experience easier and more straightforward, so we make it a point to offer highly competitive, attractive bids. We want to pay you what your house is worth, so we strive to beat the competition.
Most people interested in selling their homes for cash don’t want to wait weeks or months to finalize the transaction. They want to get rid of the house as soon as possible, or else want to receive the proceeds of the transaction as quickly as possible. Because of this, we offer ridiculously fast turnaround times, submitting offers on homes in less than 24 hours.
There are no expenses or hidden fees that you need to worry about. You’re not going to pay any commissions or fees when you sell to us.
Similarly, you’re not going to owe any closing costs. The offer we make on your home is what you’re going to get if you choose to accept it.
If you choose to sell your house on the open market, you’ll have to go through the process of listing and marketing it. While you can list your home for free on some platforms, you’ll eventually eat into your proceeds and waste tons of time if you go this route.
Selling to us is also a great way to avoid expensive repairs. Instead of fixing damage, making upgrades, and thoroughly cleaning the house, you can get rid of your house as-is.
We’ll work with you to find the perfect closing date – typically, we close transactions within a week of making the initial offer.

Get Your Free Cash Offer

Don’t toil with expensive and time-consuming repairs. And skip the real estate agent with the long-term marketing strategy.

Once you get a cash offer from us, you’ll have a clear path forward to sell your Oklahoma City house easily and without hiccups.

Are you ready to start the process? Get your free cash offer today!