The Man... The Myth... The Legend...

Trinity Beauty by Tom Holcomb is a family owned business. Pam “Momma Boss” Holcomb (Tom’s mother) is the owner of the company and Jeffrey Holcomb (Tom’s brother) is the CEO along with dedicated staff and educators to hopefully make our Tom proud of his achievements.

Tom was determined to make Trinity Beauty his return to the nail industry. He had so much hopes and dreams for Trinity Beauty and now it is our turn to make him proud of his success.

Our objectives are to create a brand that is quality first, easy to use and most important affordability.

To create a fun and non-stress environment for our education team to teach students regardless of their stature.

To create competition team to compete on behave of our family and to compete to the best of their abilities. It’s not all about winning; it’s about gaining self-confidence and recognition on the main stage

Tom has always been about style and creativity. His desires to teach anyone and everyone and to push them to the next level are legendary. Tom just wanted his students to someday be a champion and to carry on his tutelage.

Be part of the legacy.... Come Join the FAMILY....